Luna Lewis Fine Art

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About the Artist - Although she is formally educated in fine art, as far back as early childhood, Luna has always expressed her creativity through drawing, painting, photography or multimedia.

She defines her work as interpretive yet representational, sometimes using an impressionistic style with strong, bold colors and expressive strokes.

She likes incorporating a painterly approach using loose strokes and varied colors.

Luna has always been influenced by nature and the human face and figure. She loves finding the nuances in the undertones of the skin and loves to express a sense of atmosphere in the deep shadows. "The more I look at the subject, the more colors I see."

She prefers to work from a live model, in a natural manner rather than using a photograph. She offers quality commissioned portraiture, getting a good likeness of her subject while creating an artistic interpretation.

Raised in South Florida, lived and worked on Florida's Space Coast, she was in love with the East Tennessee area for years and dreamed of locating to those rural lands. She finally moved to Tennessee in 2013 where her works have been displayed at the Emporium Art Gallery in Knoxville as well as several other locations in the East Tennessee area.

She has always had a passion for photographing the flora and fauna of the Florida and East Tennessee regions.

Having shown in major art festivals in Central and South Florida, as well as solo art shows in East Tennessee, Luna has won several awards for her work.

AA in Fine Art with a Minor in Photography
BS in Computer Sciences, Majoring in Graphic Design


Note: The artist uses Artist Grade Fine Art Pastels hand-rolled, imported from France to create these Original One-of-a-Kind works of art. These pastels last forever. Many pastels painted over 200 years ago are still as bright and fresh as the day they were created.